Vibrator Causes Post Office Bomb Scare

Strange sounds coming from a parcel in Kirov led police to evacuate post office employees because of bomb fears, but the object inside the package turned out to be a self-pleasure device.

Around noon on Friday, employees of Kirov's Oktyabrsky district post office called the police after buzzing noises aroused suspicions, Interfax reported.

After everyone was evacuated to safety and the area was cordoned off, the police called the owner of the package, a Kirov woman who quickly decided that she did not want to mail it anymore.

When forced to open the parcel the woman revealed that its buzzing content was a vibrator.

The woman planned to take a trip and was sending the battery-powered device to herself after deciding against bringing it in her luggage, Moskovsky Komsomolets reported.

After the incident the post office returned to normal operations and sent the dildo on to its intended destination.

A police spokesperson thanked the post office employees for remaining alert.