Century-Old Frozen Corpse Found in Gold Mine

A group of prospectors in the Zabaikalsky region have found a frozen body believed to have lain in the permafrost for about 100 years.

Parts of the corpse were spotted protruding from the permafrost in a gold mine 30 kilometers from the village of Tupik, the region's interior department said Tuesday.

However, it won't be possible to dig out the body until the soil has thawed in about four day's time.

"It is not clear whether it is a man or a woman, because only the legs and part of the trousers made of coarse linen are sticking out of the permafrost," the department told Interfax.

About 100 years ago there was a mine in the place where the frozen corpse was found.

The soil layers removed by prospectors indicate that people have not worked the area since then.

A similar incident occurred about 10 years ago, when the body of a girl wearing a fur coat containing coins from 1903 was discovered in the region.