Tomsk Man Tries to Register 4,500 Migrants to One Address

Police have charged a man from Tomsk with organizing illegal migration after he tried to register more than 4,500 foreigners to a single nonresidential property in the south of Moscow, the Interior Ministry said.

In spring, the man notified the Federal Migration Service about the foreigners' arrival at 23 Skobelevskaya Ulitsa in Butovo, Interfax reported Friday.

A ministry representative said that the man knew the migrants wouldn't actually live on the premises during their time in Russia, and that they hadn't been provided with alternative living arrangements, which is a violation of criminal and immigration law.

The property has been rented by the Interregional Union for the Protection of Migrant Workers' Rights since March, an unnamed security services official said.

The man faces up to five years in jail if convicted.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev touched on the subject of registrations for migrants earlier this month.

He said the government will discuss the idea of letting people register their summer houses by reclassifying them as residential dwellings, but that steps must be taken to ensure that large numbers of people, usually migrant workers, can't be registered to one address.