Russians Are Too Serious, Bolt Says

Usain Bolt may have won world 100 meter gold in Moscow, but he admitted being disappointed at one thing — "serious" Russians cramping his style.

Bolt is known for his exuberant and animated on-track antics before and after his scorchingly fast sprints, but he cut a more solemn figure in the Russian capital — although he did find time for his trademark "lightning" celebration.

"I came into the warmup area and nobody was smiling — everyone was way too serious," he said.

"I'm used to going into the championships, into the warmup area and everyone's laughing, talking, but I think the people in Russia are a bit more serious."

"I don't know why they're serious but they weren't really laughing, talking much. The finals was better because there was a lot of Jamaicans there and I could laugh and talk."

Bolt won the final on Sunday as lightning forked overhead, and was pleased at the poetic link. "I've got to get that picture right now. That's a pretty cool picture if it's so," he said.