7 Injured in Gazprom Helicopter Crash Landing in Siberia

At least seven people were injured after a Mil Mi-8 helicopter of the Gazprom-controlled airline crash-landed in the Tomsk Region in western Siberia, Russia's Emergencies Ministry reported on Sunday.

The Mi-8 helicopter made an emergency landing and fell on its side at 9:50 a.m. Moscow time (05:50 GMT) on Sunday in the Kargasok district of the Tomsk Region.

"There were 17 people aboard the helicopter. According to preliminary data, seven people were hurt. There were no deaths in the incident," the ministry said.

The regional center of Russia's Emergencies Ministry reported the Mi-8 helicopter made an emergency landing after its take-off. There were 14 gas industry workers and three crew members aboard the helicopter, it said.