One Fugitive Captured, 3 More to Go

Police have detained one of the four dangerous convicts who on May 18 escaped from a maximum-security penal colony near Irkutsk, the Interior Ministry's regional office said Monday.

German Strugvin, spokesman for the local police, identified the apprehended fugitive as Yury Prokhorov, who had been convicted of participating in the group murder of labor migrants, Interfax reported.

He said Prokhorov was detained in the Osinsky district of the Irkutsk region thanks to the help of local residents.

"The search for the other convicts is ongoing," Strugvin said.

As reported earlier, on May 18 a group of inmates staged a daring escape from Penal Colony No. 19 located in the village of Markov, about 4,200 kilometers east of Moscow. They dug a tunnel more than 20 meters long from the prison's workshop, where the inmates worked as cabinet-makers.

Three of the fugitives, aged between 25 and 38, had murder convictions, while the fourth was convicted of robbery.

The manhunt has been joined by more than 2,500 local law enforcement officers, while police have promised a reward for information leading to the arrest of the remaining fugitives at large.

The head of the penal colony has been relieved of his duties by the Federal Penitentiary Service's administration.

Investigators are checking other employees of Penal Colony No. 19 for negligence in making the escape possible, the report said.

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