Cheating Continues in Unified State Exams

Seven students from the republic of Bashkortostan and one from Tomsk region have had their examination results annulled after they photographed a Russian-language test paper and published it online, Interfax reported Friday.

Despite their expulsion, the students will still have the opportunity to re-sit the paper next year.

Separate reports of cheating have also emerged in Bashkortostan, in the Central Volga District, following Thursday's examinations in History, Biology and I.T.

"We have two cases: one relating to I.T. in the Gafuriysky district and the other relating to Biology in the Buraevsky region. Information regarding the violations has been sent to the Federal Examination Centre," said Ramilia Ishemgulova, head of the Department of General Education in Bashkortostan.

A multitude of exam violations have been reported since the Unified State Exams began on Monday.

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