Police Bust Carjacking Equipment Makers

A gang that manufactured and sold sophisticated electronic equipment for carjacking has been thwarted by Voronezh region police and cyber-crime officers, the Interior Ministry said Friday.

The criminal group provided criminals with "code-grabbers" at prices ranging from 50,000 rubles ($1,600) to 250,000 rubles.

Code-grabbers are electronic devices that intercept signals from remote-controlled car alarm systems and them to deactivate the locking mechanism.

The group operated in Moscow as well as the Kursk and Voronezh regions, but also advertised its products on the Internet and contacted interested buyers by e-mail or phone.

The group's monthly income exceeded two million rubles, police said.

Police said that the criminal group supplied half of all hijackers and car burglars in Russia with their devices and also sold their products to customers living abroad.

A criminal case has been opened on charges of illegal sale of equipment for unauthorized information gathering.

All of the detained group's members have made confessions and are cooperating with the investigation, police said.

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