3 Drowning Deaths Recorded in Moscow in 24 Hours

Moscow medics have documented three deaths by drowning over the past 24 hours.

Medics told Interfax that the three victims were aged between 14 and 40.

The deaths took place in the Borisovo Ponds, in a pond on Dnepropetrovskaya Ulitsa and in the Shkolnoye Lake in the Moscow region city of Zelenograd.

Since record temperatures came to Moscow on May 13, seven drowning fatalities have been recorded in Russia's capital.

Fifty-two people drowned in Moscow last year, and another 119 had to be rescued, according to the Emergency Situations Ministry.

Swimming in unsanctioned locations while drunk is the main cause of drowning, the ministry said.

Swimming season in the capital officially kicks off June 1. But uncharacteristic temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius from mid-May mean that many Muscovites have taken to bathing earlier than usual.