Drunk Spat About Serving Motherland Ends in Triple Homicide

An argument over which branch of the armed forces is best to serve for ended in a triple homicide at a Monday night drinking session among neighbors in the southwest Siberian city of Omsk, investigators said Wednesday.

Authorities believe that a pair of cousins, aged 25 and 27, fatally bludgeoned and stabbed their hosts — aged 55, 53 and 31 — with a knife, screwdriver, shovel and sledgehammer as the drunken debate went awry.

The victims' bodies were discovered the next day by a neighbor. Police found the suspects shortly afterward, sleeping at their nearby home.

They were detained and face a charge of murdering two or more people, punishable by up to 15 years behind bars. It was not immediately clear which branch of the armed forces they thought was best.