Stars Shine on Valentine's Day

craigdavid.comDavid performing at Versailles.
Ah, Valentine’s Day — that day of love, sentiment, affection and large indoor city music festivals. One can already feel the passion, or is that the car fumes, in the air as Moscow begins to thaw in the heat of the season.
While the snow is melting outside, why not have your heart melt inside the Olimpiisky Sports Complex along with thousands of others, where Craig David, the veritable Cupid of R&B, will pierce your soul with songs of love, heartbreak and the things he does on every day of the week?
With a high-tenor voice described by Will Hermes of Entertainment Weekly as “two parts Stevie Wonder to one R. Kelly,” David has been described by Elton John as England’s best vocalist.
He will join a slew of stars, including many others who can be counted on to sing of love 365 days a year, such as the Eurovision Song Contest winner Dima Bilan and his slightly more cerebral rival Sergei Lazarev, as they celebrate something they have called the “Big Love Show.”
For those who have already trudged through enough mush — romantic or not — this season, German artist Karl Bartos will be bringing a less-sentimental music to Moscow with his electronic “Synthpop.” The former electronic percussionist of the German band Kraftwerk will be joined by two additional electronic artists and backed by a dynamic video-installation, creating an audio-visual treat that is bound to be as entrancing as any Alyosha sweet.
Romantic sentimentalism or electronic pop? The choice for St. Valentine’s Day is yours!

Craig David plays at the Big Love Festival Feb. 14 at 6 p.m. at Olimpiisky Sports Complex, 16 Olimpiisky Prospekt, Metro Prospekt Mira. Tel. 730-85-26. Tickets range from 1,500 to 9,000 rubles. Tickets are available online or can be purchased over the phone at 730-85-26.

Karl Bartos performs at CICterna Hall, 26 Prospect Mira, Bldg. 1. Metro Prospect Mira. Tel. 771-69-37. Entrance tickets cost 1,000 rubles and can be purchased online at,, or