Moscow Gyms Cut Prices for February, Valentine

MTIf you don't fancy heading to your local park for exercise, as this lady and her dog, then check out the gyms that have reduced their prices this February.
January may be the time that most people think of joining a gym, but the quickest are not always the wisest as gyms, which have long been charging higher and higher fees, are offering cheaper deals in February to get customers in.

Planet Fitness

Buying your loved one a gym membership for St. Valentine's Day could be taken in many ways; it possibly might not be considered the most romantic gesture in the world. Saying "Get thee to a gym, Henry" might be best accompanied with flowers, but you will definitely save money. Planet Fitness, which has gyms all over the city, is offering a discount for all couples in February of 14 percent. The gym also has limited offers for each fitness center, such as 15 memberships for 39,990 rubles ($1,114) at the Ulitsa Pravdy branch.

Fitness Mania

This new gym on Leninsky Prospekt has 14% discounts throughout February. "There are special discount bonuses for those who come on Feb. 14 and 23," said Fitness Mania's Sergei Mityaev. The gym has a swimming pool, step lessons, spinning, pump, dances and strip mania, "a mix of jazz and strip."

Gold's Gym

Gold's Gym is also going for the romantic; as in "the couple that sweats together is the couple that stays together," with special discounts for pairs of memberships up to Feb. 15. "Information about the prices is given only personally or by phone" said the gym, so that's what we did -- anonymously. The gym quoted prices of between 43,000 to 69,000 rubles for a year's membership. More sonorous phone voices may get you a cheaper price.

Dr. Loder

Dr. Loder has a New Year's promotional deal with discounts that reach almost 50 percent. Its annual membership with unlimited access is now at 50,000 rubles, down from 91,000 rubles. There are cheaper plans too if you restrict yourself to morning visits. Members who join before Feb. 28 are entered into a prize draw.

World Class

None of the World Class gyms in the center of the city, with prices ranging from 49,000 to 135,000 had any discounts but said some were possible in the future.

And finally, if none of the gyms is offering anything to fit your wallet, there are plenty of people who simply head to the local park -- Sokolniki, Izmailovo and Druzhba are noted for their keep-fit lovers -- to exercise with or without their dogs.

Dr. Loder. 25 Ulitsa Ostozhenka. Metro Kropotkinskaya. 10/1 Strastnoi Bulvar. Metro Chekhovskaya. Tel. 637 4076.

Planeta Fitness. Gyms all over Moscow. Tel. 933 7100.

Fitness Mania. 146 Leninsky Prospekt. Metro Yugo-Zapadnaya. Tel. 221 2104.

Gold's Gym. 31 Leningradsky Prospekt, Bldg 30. Metro Dynamo. Tel. 931 9616.

World Class.