Police Detain Drunken Santa

A drunken man dressed up as Grandfather Frost was detained in Kaliningrad for trying to forcibly sell goodies on Old New Year's Eve.

Police picked up the drunken Ded Moroz for trying to intimidate pedestrians into purchasing chocolate from him Tuesday evening on Kaliningrad's central square, Interfax reported.

The 50-year-old man was loudly cursing people who refused to buy the chocolate from him for 60 rubles ($1.80), prompting police to quietly take him aside and escort him home so that "the kiddies would not be scared that police are arresting Ded Moroz," a police spokesman told Interfax.

The man later returned to the square with a homemade sign reading, "The police are chasing off Ded Moroz," and tried to sell the chocolate while protesting "police abuse," Interfax said. Police detained the man, who said he was a teacher from Yekaterinburg, and fined him for disturbing the peace.