Georgia Stops Gas Flow to Armenia

Georgia stopped Russian natural-gas transit flows to Armenia on Friday after a pipeline was damaged.

Georgia said the stoppage was to carry out emergency repair work on the main Kazakh-Saguramo gas pipeline.

Repair work on the pipe "will take approximately five days, the transit will continue after that," Georgian Energy Minister Alexander Khetaguri said in an interview Sunday. The damage occurred in the town of Gardabani, about 40 kilometers south of the capital Tbilisi.

Gazprom ships its gas to Armenia through Georgia, which gets 10 percent of transit volumes as fees.

Gazprom and its Armenian venture ArmRosgazprom offered to help Georgia repair the damaged link to resume supplies "in the shortest time," it said Sunday.

Armenia has some gas reserves that it could use while repairs are being made, Khetaguri said.

(Bloomberg, AP)