German Ambassador Summoned Over Crash

German Ambassador Walter JЯrgen Schmid was called to the Foreign Ministry on Friday over a road accident involving an embassy staff member that left two students dead last month.

The staff member, a teacher at the embassy's school, was driving a Porsche Cayenne with red diplomatic plates when he hit the two young men as they were crossing Prospekt Vernadskogo in southwestern Moscow in the early hours of Nov. 30. Police said at the time that he was speeding.

The ministry said in a statement published on its web site that the accident could have been avoided because the driver had been stopped while driving "with significantly excessive speed and signs of intoxication" on Oct. 25.

It said Germany was not fully cooperating with investigators and had declared that the driver had diplomatic immunity as a member of the mission's administrative staff.

Because of this and the seriousness of the incident, "the ambassador was told that the criminal investigation will continue," the statement said.

The ministry identified the teacher only by his last name and initials, but reports published in Internet blogs said his full name is Benjamin Hobert.

An embassy spokesman confirmed that Schmid had been at the ministry.