Truck of Laundry Detergent Stolen

Armed robbers in southeastern Moscow hijacked a truck carrying more than $20,000 worth of laundry detergent, city police said Wednesday.

Two unidentified assailants attacked the driver of a MAZ cargo truck loaded with packages of Ariel laundry detergent that was parked near an apartment building on UlitsaVoitovicha, near Shosse Entuziastov metro station, said Sergei Nikonov, chief investigator with the police's southeastern district branch.

The attackers, described by the driver as having "dark complexions," dragged the man out of the truck, undressed him, took his documents and fled in the stolen vehicle, Nikonov said.

The driver went straight to the police after the incident, and the stolen truck was found abandoned on Shosse Entuziastov several hours later, Nikonov said.

The packages of Ariel detergent, valued at 567,000 rubles ($20,500), were missing, Nikonov said.

Police have opened a criminal investigation.