Sberbank Gains $661M in Deposits

Sberbank, home to half of the country's personal bank accounts, saw deposit inflows of $661 million in the first week of December, more than in the whole of last month, a bank official said on Wednesday.

The country's banks saw sizeable deposit outflows in October, as account holders were unnerved by the global financial crisis and a weakening of the ruble versus the dollar.

But officials have said the situation has since improved.

"The inflow of deposits in November was 11 billion rubles ($392.9 million), and as of Dec. 8 it was 18.5 billion," said a Sberbank official.

If such inflows continue, November and December will compensate for most of the 95 billion rubles withdrawn from Sberbank in October.

As of Nov. 1, Sberbank's retail deposits totaled 2.908 trillion rubles.

The bank's inflows in the first week of December are equal to about 0.6 percent.