Sheremetyevo Workers Fined for Stealing Suit

Two former airline inspectors at Sheremetyevo Airport thought up an unusual way to steal a designer suit from a passenger: One put on the pants, the other put on the jacket.

The two men, however, have been convicted of theft and ordered to pay several thousand dollars in fines for taking the Italian Raffaele Caruso suit, worth 1,200 euros ($1,540), prosecutors said Monday.

Roman Aristarkhov and Roman Ozerov were working as airfield and aircraft inspectors at Sheremetyevo when they inspected a Frankfurt-Moscow flight in August, the Moscow Interregional Transport Prosecutor's Office said in a statement.

While inspecting the plane, they found the suit hanging up in a coat locker. They decided to take the forgotten suit, the statement said, with Ozerov donning the jacket and Aristarkhov the trousers. They slid their employee overalls on over the clothes and walked out of the airport.

It was unclear what tipped off authorities, but the two men were arrested by transport police shortly afterward, and the suit was returned to the owner. Moscow's Golovinsky District Court convicted Aristarkhov and Ozerov of theft and fined them both 100,000 rubles ($3,570).