RusHydro Sees Fee Changes in 2009

Hydroelectric company RusHydro said Monday that it did not rule out that the government could revise tariffs for 2009 because of the global financial turmoil.

"I fully concede that in the current financial environment tariffs may change," chief financial officer Sergei Yushin said during a conference call.

The Federal Tariff Services had approved a 31.3 percent rise in tariffs for RusHydro, which is the world's second-largest producer of hydroelectricity after Hydro Quebec, for 2009.

The Economic Development Ministry suggested that the government cap electricity tariff growth at 5 percent next year instead of the planned19 percent, Interfax cited a source as saying Monday.

Last week, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said the government could delay raising prices for electricity and natural gas in order to ease the cost burden for households during the ongoing financial crisis.