News in Brief

Politkovskaya Gun Evidence

Prosecutors on Wednesday linked the murder weapon in the slaying of journalist Anna Politkovskaya to a car used by one of the three men on trial for her murder.

Experts determined that threads found on the silenced pistol that killed Politkovskaya likely came from the upholstery of the car used by one of the suspects, Ibragim Makhmudov, prosecutor Yulia Safina told the Moscow Military District Court on Wednesday.

Prosecutors also played footage from a security camera showing the car parked near Politkovskaya's Moscow apartment building about the time she was killed in 2006. (AP)

Policeman Killed, 4 Injured

Militants in Dagestan killed a police officer and wounded four others, the regional Interior Ministry said Wednesday.

Unidentified gunmen fired at a police patrol late Tuesday and killed an officer, the ministry said. Militants also detonated an explosive device targeting police reinforcements who arrived at the site in Makhachkala, officials said. Four policemen were wounded there. (AP)