Norilsk Post May Go to CEO

Norilsk Nickel CEO Vladimir Strzhalkovsky was nominated Monday to the miner's board, the company said Monday.

Strzhalkovsky was nominated by Rosbank, which holds 4 percent of Norilsk's shares in trust for the firm's subsidiaries, a source close to the company's shareholders said.

The board also approved the nomination of former presidential administration chief of staff Alexander Voloshin; Sergei Chemezov, CEO of the state-run holding Russian Technologies; Onexim Group president Mikhail Prokhorov; RusAl CEO Alexander Bulygin; Interros Holding vice president Andrei Klishas; Metalloinvest CEO Farkhad Moshiri and 14 other candidates.

Interros, controlled by Norilsk chairman Vladimir Potanin, holds around 30 percent of the company, while RusAl has a 25 percent stake and Metalloinvest owns around 5 percent of the shares.

Interros and RusAl agreed last week that the state is to get one representative on the board. Of the two contenders for that spot, Voloshin was supported by both RusAl and Interros, while Chemezov only had RusAl's backing.

The agreement also called for four representatives each from RusAl and Interros, three independent directors and Strzhalkovsky to get seats on the board, which is to be increased from nine to 13 members at a Dec. 26 shareholder meeting.