The World Bank RFP for Building Strategic Management Capacity in Kazan City

Objective of the Assignment

The objective of this assignment is to develop and deliver a customised seminars program for Tatarstan HEIs’ senior managers and organise a series of seminars in order to increase institutional strategic planning capacity in universities of Kazan city.

The purpose of the seminars program is development of skills in strategic planning and it’s implementation by University teams in order to address key issues in the higher education (HE) system development including contribution to the capacity of the HE system for better serving the regional needs.

The output of this assignment will be a set of relevant and scientifically justified plans of strategic development for participating HEIs. Besides, the important outcome of the program will be HEIs’ management capacity in the strategic planning relevant to the regional economic development strategy and plans in order to raise the Republic competitiveness.

Scope of Work

In order to achieve these objectives the Contractor is expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Review and customise the existing training materials based on the international experience and feasibility studies in order to help Kazan HEIs to create the strategic plans that would meet the modern world trends in HE as well as the regional needs;
  • Develop the training program and relevant handout materials for provision of training;
  • Develop agendas and materials for meetings with representatives of regional authorities as well as key stakeholders to explain and justify proposed HE system development strategy;
  • Hold thematic seminars for HEIs’ senior managers on the theory and practice of the strategic planning;
  • Provide consultative support to University teams during the process of strategic plans preparation; and
  • Evaluate seminars outcomes and trainees performance including the quality of their strategic plans (development programs).

 Expected Outputs (deliverables)

The deliverables of Contractor will be:

  • a set of individual HEIs’ development strategies and relevant implementation plans / programmes;
  • a set of training and guidance materials for HEIs’ managers and education management bodies administrators and a handbook on strategic planning;
  • a cumulative report on the seminars, including a set of strategic objectives of HE development in Kazan;

Contractor’s Qualification Requirements

The firm shall meet the following requirements:

  • have in staff personnel with higher degree (credential) in Economics or related field and interdisciplinary capabilities in Pedagogy;
  • be familiar with current trends of international and Russian higher education system development;
  • be an internationally recognized professional agency in the higher education management, with staff qualified by post graduate degrees;
  • have in staff authors of publications in the area of education management; and
  • experience of work in international educational projects in Russia and other countries.

To be considered as eligible to participate, firms must send their description and draft of seminars program no later than November 15, 2008 to the World Bank at Selected firms of competition will be contacted.