News in Brief

Lebedev Closes Newspaper

The newspaper Moskovsky Korrespondent is closing for lack of money, owner Alexander Lebedev told the RBK daily Friday.

Lebedev said he did not have funds to keep the newspaper open because of the financial crisis.

Lebedev added that he would resume publication if the government stopped "putting pressure on independent media."

Lebedev previously closed the newspaper in April after it carried a report that then-President Vladimir Putin had left his wife to marry a 24-year-old former gymnast. The paper resumed publication in September. (MT)

Party Membership Bill

The Kremlin is working on a bill to double the minimum threshold for political parties to 100,000 members, reported Friday, citing a source in the presidential administration.

Currently, parties are required to have at least 50,000 members to registered with the Justice Ministry. (MT)