Putin to Get New Web Site Detailing His Whereabouts

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will get his own web site describing his activities by the end of the week, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday.

"We want to inform people because interest in the prime minister is very high. This is why we thought about the web site," Peskov said.

No previous prime minister had his own web site.

Putin's web site, which will be located at www.premier.gov.ru, promises to offer detailed information on Putin's activities. For example, visitors will be able to click on a horizontal timeline to find out where Putin is at that moment and what he is doing, while an interactive map of the country will show where he has been and where he is planning to go, Peskov said.

"It will be a modern site with good anti-hacker protection," he added.

Putin will not address Russians regularly like President Dmitry Medvedev has started doing through a new video blog launched this month on the Kremlin web site, Peskov said. But Internet users will be able to send questions to the prime minister.

"There will be a special window where people can submit their questions to the prime minister," Peskov said.

Medvedev has posted two video clips on his blog so far this month.

On Putin's new web site, people will also find videos of Putin meeting with various world leaders.

Putin's site, which will have a link on the government web site, will be in both Russian and English.

The government press service started working on the site in July. Peskov said governmental agencies and private companies developed the design and structure of the site.