State Considers Tariff Readjustments

A government commission has proposed ending tariffs on the import of coking coal, raw materials for ferro-alloys and some steel products to protect domestic producers, the Economic Development Ministry said Wednesday.

It has also proposed raising a tariff on steel scrap to 36 euros ($46) per ton from the current 15 euros without changing the basic rate of 15 percent of the customs value, a ministry statement said.

The government's Commission for Protective Measures in Foreign Trade has recommended abolishing a 5 percent import tariff on coking coal, the statement said.

It has proposed scrapping an equal 5 percent import tariff on ores and concentrates used in the production of ferro-alloys, as well as some flat cold-rolled steel products used in the car industry.

In July, a government source said Russia planned to raise tariffs on steel scrap to 120 euros to 130 euros per ton.