News in Brief

Fetisov Elected Senator

Vyacheslav Fetisov, one of the most decorated hockey players in history, was named a Federation Council senator from the Primorye region on Friday.

Primorye Governor Sergei Darkin met with Fetisov and asked him to kick-start stalled plans to build a 7,500-seat sports arena in the regional capital, Vladivostok, according to a statement on the regional government's web site.

Fetisov, who previously served for four years as the head of the Federal Sports Agency, was one of the first Soviets to play in the National Hockey League. (Bloomberg)

MiG-29 Crashes in Training

A MiG-29 fighter jet crashed in east Siberia on Friday, but the pilot bailed out safely, the Air Force said.

The plane crashed in the Chita region while on a training flight, Air Force spokesman Dmitry Feofanov said.

It was unclear what caused the crash. (AP)

Dozens Detained in Kiev

KIEV -- Dozens of nationalist activists have been detained in Kiev after clashing with police.

Members of the nationalist group Brotherhood marched down Kiev's main avenue Saturday to honor veterans who fought both Soviet and Nazi forces in World War II.

The event was not authorized by city officials, and law enforcement officers prevented the protesters from occupying a main square, Kiev police said.

Police beat them with truncheons and briefly detained about 100 people, but soon released them. Several policemen were wounded. (AP)