Mayoral Hopeful Expelled Over Pirated Music

A mayoral candidate in Vologda has been eliminated from the race for using the soundtrack to "Pirates of The Caribbean" in a campaign video without paying for the rights.

Alexander Lukichev, a candidate for A Just Russia, was kicked out of the race after using the music in a video that was screened on local television starting in September, party spokeswoman Lyubov Yekimova said Monday.

A rival candidate, Denis Gorbushin, who is standing as an independent, took the case to the Vologda City Court, reported.

Lukichev has appealed to the Vologda Regional Court and the case will be heard Tuesday, Yekimova said. The election is on Saturday.

"The cause for the removal of Alexander Lukichev is a fabrication. This candidate simply turned out to be undesirable for someone," State Duma Deputy Galina Khovanskaya of A Just Russia told Ekho Moskvy.

In a similar case in the Primoroye region, the election committee has asked prosecutors to check a poster for a candidate for the regional parliament which used a famous catchphrase from the police series "The Meeting Place Can't be Changed," Kommersant reported.

Referring to the region's governor, Sergei Darkin, the poster for candidate Nikolai Markovets reads "Markovets Says to Darkin: Jail Is the Place for a Thief."

The protection of intellectual property rights is a major problem in Russia, with sales flourishing of pirated movies, music and software. Authorities' efforts have done little to stamp out the trade.