Atomstroiexport Is Sole Bidder in Turkey

Atomstroiexport has made the only bid to build Turkey's first nuclear-power plant, raising concerns that the government may have to postpone its atomic ambitions for meeting soaring electricity demand.

Details of the bid will be announced later, said Haci Duran Gokkaya, general manager of state power producer Tetas, which is issuing the permit. It was unclear whether the submission of only one bid met the tender's competition rules, Gokkaya said.

Turkey is looking to join a global nuclear revival to cut its reliance on expensive fuel imports, reduce carbon-dioxide emissions and meet rising demand.

Russia, Turkey's biggest trading partner, supplies about half its oil and 65 percent of its gas, which is used to fire most of its power plants. Russian ownership of a nuclear power plant would undermine the government's pledge to diversify its energy sources, said Wolfango Piccoli, an analyst at Eurasia Group.

"This marks a new failure for Turkish energy policy," he said.