Brazilian Court Stops Berezovsky Case

BRASILIA, Brazil -- Brazil's top court halted a money-laundering case against Boris Berezovsky over suspected involvement in a firm that invested heavily in a local football club, but the court said another investigation would be opened.

The supreme court said late Tuesday that the case was stopped and that a warrant for Berezovsky was dropped because the judge overseeing the proceedings did not allow his lawyers to question witnesses after the prosecution.

Berezovsky denies any connection to the case and has called it part of a Kremlin campaign against him.

Brazilian authorities have accused Berezovsky of being the mastermind of a money-laundering scheme using the Brazilian football club Corinthians.

The country's top sports tribunal suspended former Corinthians president Alberto Dualib and former vice president Nesi Curi in November for three years for allegedly letting the team be used as a money-laundering front.