Britain Invites Medvedev to Summit

Britain said Wednesday that it had invited President Dmitry Medvedev to attend a December energy summit, a signal that it does not want strained relations to cut off all dialogue.

A Kremlin spokesman would not say whether Medvedev would accept the invitation from Britain, which has long-standing diplomatic spat with Russia that worsened by Moscow's decision to send troops into Georgia last month.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has convened a summit in December to discuss climate change and energy security.

A spokesman for the British Embassy in Moscow said an invitation had been sent to Medvedev. An official in the Kremlin press service said, "We are checking whether such an invitation was issued," but gave no further details.

A British newspaper reported last week that Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov used an obscenity in a phone call about Georgia with his British counterpart, David Miliband.