Roadside Parking Fees Are History

A citywide ban on roadside parking attendants began Wednesday, City Hall's transportation department said on its web site.

A spokesman for the company that manages pay parking for City Hall said 116 pay-to-park zones had been shut down by Wednesday.

Under the new regulations, drivers are able to park for free in the city wherever there are no road signs forbidding them to leave their cars.

Furthermore, restaurants and companies are not allowed to charge for parking spaces reserved for their customers and employees.

City Hall is asking anyone who is asked to pay to park to inform the city parking company at the following telephone number: (495) 609-2993.

Only 15 parking lots — with a total of 1,285 spots — in the city are allowed to charge a fee, a majority of them near train stations. The pay lots are equipped with electronic barriers, and drivers must pay using a plastic Gorod car, which is sold in Allo Kard kiosks.

The fees range from 25 to 40 rubles ($1 to $1.50) per hour.