Tymoshenko Blasts Yushchenko

KIEV -- Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko accused President Viktor Yushchenko on Saturday of putting his political ambitions before the national interest.

In an open letter, Tymoshenko said Yushchenko was unable to change and had his eye on winning a presidential election in 16 months.

A coalition of his and her parties collapsed last week after Yushchenko's Our Ukraine party pulled out, accusing Tymoshenko of betraying Ukraine by siding with Russia in its war in Georgia, a charge she denies.

"If I were thinking not about the national interest, but about the next presidential election -- as you are -- I could also set you hundreds of ultimatums," Tymoshenko wrote.

Viktor Yanukovich, leader of the opposition Party of the Regions, meanwhile, called Georgia's actions in South Ossetia last month "criminal" and warned Friday against forcing Ukraine to enter the NATO military alliance.