Limonov's Home Raided for Fine

Court marshals have seized books, telephones and furniture from the apartment rented by writer and opposition leader Eduard Limonov, who has been ordered to pay a 500,000 ruble ($20,000) fine for slandering Mayor Yury Luzhkov.

A Moscow court in November ordered Limonov to pay the fine after ruling that he slandered Luzhkov by telling Radio Free Europe in an April 2007 interview that the mayor controlled city courts.

Limonov said he could not pay the sum immediately and has asked the court to allow him to pay monthly installments of 10,000 rubles, Kommersant reported Wednesday.

In order to pay off the fine, court marshals on Tuesday seized two armchairs, books, a cheap cell phone, a fixed-line telephone and a space heater from Limonov, estimating the items as worth a total of 15,000 rubles ($600), Kommersant said.

"I don't even know what to do with this property," a court marshal told Kommersant on condition of anonymity. "It can hardly be sold; it's unclear who would need it."

Limonov has also been banned from leaving the country until he has paid off the fine, Kommersant said.