Chubais Case Sent Back for Do-Over

The Supreme Court has overturned the acquittal of three men charged with the attempted murder of former Unified Energy Systems chief Anatoly Chubais, Interfax reported Tuesday.

A jury in the Moscow Regional Court in June cleared retired Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov and two former soldiers of organizing the attack on Chubais, the leading architect of the country's 1990s privatization program.

Prosecutors appealed the acquittal on June 16, and the Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned the ruling and sent the case back to the Moscow Regional Court, Interfax reported.

Chubais, who many Russians blame for the economic turmoil of the last decade, was driving in the Moscow region in March 2005 when a powerful mine exploded near his vehicle. Automatic gunfire followed. Chubais was not injured.

After his arrest later that month, Kvachkov, the purported ringleader, became a hero in right-wing circles.