Fast Food Aids Lightning Win

BEIJING -- China's first Olympic boxing champion slimmed down for his lightning victory, which secured China's 50th gold medal on a surprising diet of hamburgers and pizza.

Zou Shiming, light-flyweight world champion, broke down in tears on the podium on Sunday after taking a medal he had been aiming for since winning bronze in Athens.

"We have been waiting four years for this," he told reporters after the bout, which lasted just a couple of minutes because a shoulder injury forced his Mongolian opponent to throw in the towel.

"It is regrettable that it was over so fast, because I wanted to give China a really spirited bout, but the most important thing is just that I got the gold medal," he said.

His fans did not mind.

"You won gold faster than Liu Xiang," one joked, referring to the Chinese 110-meter hurdler who retired injured from the games but normally finishes races in little over 10 seconds.

The charismatic champion, who had come out shadow boxing in a dragon robe and wore gold boots, said he took a month to slim down to his target weight on an easy diet.

"Recently I have been eating pizza and hamburgers. ... I enjoy Western food. Pizza tastes pretty good," the tiny fighter said with a smile.

"Also Chinese food is greasy so Western food is helpful when I am trying to control my weight."