Beckham Calls Football No. 1 Sport

BEIJING -- Football will always be the world's No. 1 sport, England's David Beckham said at the Beijing Olympics.

"Obviously for me, it's the best sport in the world, so I think it should always be top of the list," Beckham said on a visit for the closing of the games Sunday.

Football is restricted to under-23 teams, though each side can field up to three over-age players. World governing body FIFA does not want Olympics football to overshadow its own World Cup.

"Obviously, it's still important. There are still great players and great teams performing over here. So at the end of the day it's still my No. 1 sport whether it's looked at as different," Beckham said.

With London to host the 2012 Olympics, some fans have been wondering if Beckham might make a swansong appearance.

"Maybe. I'll be 37 then so I'm not sure I'll still be playing. But you never know," he said.