AAR Wants Dudley's Location

The Russian shareholders who own half of TNK-BP demanded on Monday that CEO Robert Dudley reveal his whereabouts, warning that his absence could have tax implications for the firm.

Dudley fled the country last week to run the company from abroad, citing sustained harassment as he faced difficulties renewing his visa, as well as inspections from labor authorities and prosecutors.

"If, as a result of this decision, the company is liable for additional taxes in other jurisdictions, then we'd expect that BP and Dudley will compensate AAR for its share of any additional taxes," said Stan Polovets, CEO of AAR, the Russian billionaires' consortium.

The Federal Migration Service said Monday that it would issue a work visa for Tim Summers, TNK-BP's chief operating officer, on Tuesday.

Summers' work visa, like Dudley's, was due to expire Monday. The service has refused to issue Dudley a work visa until he supplies a valid work contract, saying it would only issue a business visa, under which he could not work.

Dudley says his contract is still valid.

An additional 54 TNK-BP employees are waiting to get work visas, which would let them remain in Russia for another year, TNK-BP spokeswoman Marina Dracheva said. "To our knowledge, it's a work in progress," she said.

Peter Henshaw, TNK-BP vice president for communications, said the announcement on the possibility of a business visa "doesn't help the problem."