3 Jurors Charged In Banker's Trial

Three jurors in the 2006 murder trial of central banker Andrei Kozlov have been charged with wrongdoing, officials said Wednesday.

One of the unidentified jurors has been charged with attempted obstruction of justice after he purportedly tried to bribe fellow jurors to declare murder suspect Alexei Frenkel not guilty, prosecutors said, Interfax reported.

Frenkel's lawyer, Ruslan Koblev, described the charges as an effort by the government to tip the jury in favor of convicting Frenkel, the former CEO of VIP-Bank, whose bank was shut down by Kozlov. "They don't like this jury. They need another jury that will make a decision that suits them," he said.

Two other jurors were removed from the jury after being charged with drinking in public and talking about the case, respectively.