Pastor Speaks of Isolation in Jail

COLUMBIA, South Carolina -- Phillip Miles, a U.S. pastor convicted of smuggling a box of bullets into Russia, said he felt isolated during the five months he spent in a Moscow jail.

The 57-year-old pastor ran afoul of the law in January by bringing the bullets as a gift for a Russian pastor.

Held in a detention center, Miles said he felt isolated but was treated well -- even if he speaks no Russian and few others spoke English.

"Only one spoke what I'd call fairly good English," he said, adding that it was "very frustrating."

U.S. officials worked to get Miles' sentence reduced, and an appeals court on June 23 ordered his release.

On Thursday night, Miles arrived home for a reunion with most of his family. He planned to speak at church services Sunday.

"The church has flourished since I've been gone," he said. "Maybe if I'd stayed in prison a little longer, they could really have done something."