Explosion Injures 15 After Euro '08 Football Match

An explosion in southeastern Moscow injured 15 people who had stepped outside to smoke and talk about the European football championships, city police said.

An explosive device detonated at around 2 a.m. Saturday near a dormitory on Podyomnaya Ulitsa, near the Ploshchad Ilicha metro station, where a group of men had gathered, Yulia Ivanova, spokeswoman for the city police's southeastern district branch, said Monday.

Flying shrapnel injured 15 of the men, Ivanova said, adding that two of them are in serious condition. Investigators are trying to determine whether it was a hand grenade or homemade bomb that went off, she said.

It is also unclear whether the device was thrown from the dormitory or dropped by one of the men, Ivanova said.

The men were attending a birthday party at the dormitory and had gone outside to smoke and discuss the Turkey-Croatia match that evening in the Euro 2008 championship, police spokesman Viktor Biryukov told Interfax.

The tournament has captured the country's attention thanks to the Russian national team's unlikely run into the semifinals, where it will face Spain on Thursday.

No one has been detained in connection with the attack, which has been classified as attempted murder, Ivanova said. Police are questioning those victims well enough to talk.

The victims are citizens of Moldova and Armenia living at the dormitory, which belongs to the Moscow Factory of Automated Lines, Ivanova said.

The explosion is the second in two years at the dormitory. In 2006, a bomb went off in the entrance to the cellar of the dormitory, shattering windows in the building and nearby parked cars. No one was injured in that blast.

While far from commonplace, fatal grenade accidents and attacks are not unheard of in Moscow. Last year, a man died after a grenade detonated in his hand while he was trying to throw it at his ex-wife. In 2006, another man was killed in a quarrel with a drinking partner, who placed a grenade in his pocket.

n A 17-year-old boy was killed in the Moscow street celebrations following Russia's 3-1 Euro 2008 quarterfinal victory over the Netherlands on Saturday, Komsomolskaya Pravda reported Monday. Vladislav Zelenin was killed after jumping onto a street cleaning truck on Shosseinaya Ulitsa in southeastern Moscow. He slipped and fell and was run over by a car, which then sped off.