Ask the Chef

Jonas Grip of Sweden is the head chef at Scandinavia restaurant.

Best dish
"Halibut with lobster, or elk with morels."

Most popular dish
"Pelle Jansson and grill dishes."

Favorite (other) restaurant in Moscow
"Tiflis on Ostozhenka."

Favorite (other) restaurant worldwide
"Wedholms fish restaurant in Stockholm."

Weirdest thing you've eaten
"On a Swedish food promotion in Saigon, the local head chef took me for a dog meat dinner on the street."

Do you try to be authentic or adapt the cuisine to the local market?
"Authentic, but with less salt."

Comment on the state of the local dining scene
"Strongly moving forward with a possibility for much more individuality and genuine cooking than only a few years ago."

Most important or surprising thing you've learned as a chef or about food
"As a chef, you have to remember that you are never better than the worst plate leaving your kitchen, anyone can cook something nice once for a photograph."


Scandinavia, 7 Palashevsky Per., 937-5630, M. Pushkinskaya.

Tiflis, 32 Ul. Ostozhenka, 766-9728.

Wedholms Fisk, Nybrokajen 17, Stockholm, Sweden, (+46 8) 611-7874,