Meaty Treats at Torro

MTTorro Grill serves tasty meat and seafood dishes in a classic setting.
The first Torro Grill opened at a shopping center in southern Moscow in February, 2007. A little over a year later, Torro Grill No. 2 has opened, this time much closer to the center. Not only is the new grill house better located, it also has more serious lodgings, with its own separate entrance from the street.

The interior follows the steakhouse formula, with large, cozy dark-leather booths, dark wood and a dark brown color scheme. At one end of the the larger hall is an open kitchen where the chefs stand grilling all manner of foodstuffs.

Torro Grill is more than just a steakhouse. As its names suggests, it grills a large range of meats, seafood and vegetables. The restaurant prepares just two varieties of steaks -- a 300-gram New York steak (760 rubles) and a rib-eye steak (250 rubles per 100 grams, steaks range from 350 to 650 grams). Other meaty mains include grilled tongue (470 rubles), pork ribs (550 rubles), various sorts of sausages (lamb -- 420 rubles, chicken -- 390 rubles and Italian-style pork -- 390 rubles). The TG burger sells for 420 rubles. Grilled seafood includes giant tiger prawns (4 prawns -- 650 rubles, 8 prawns -- 1,190 rubles), salmon steak (550 rubles) and grilled calamari with asparagus (390 rubles). Grilled vegetables include asparagus (390 rubles), a mixed vegetable grill (330 rubles) and large fries (180 rubles). For groups there are grill assortments, a meat mix (4-6 people -- 2,100 rubles, 8-10 people -- 4,300 rubles) and a seafood mix (4-6 people -- 2,900 rubles).

Torro Grill describes itself as a wine bar as well as a grill house, so naturally the wine selection is decent, starting from 490 rubles a bottle. The house beer comes in red or white unfiltered for 120 rubles a half-liter or 400 rubles for a giant 2-liter bottle.

Torro Grill: 11 3rd Krutitsky Per., 671-7346, noon-midnight, M. Proletarskaya.