2 Killed During Russia-China Rally

China's leading rally driver and a French motorcyclist have been killed in separate accidents in the Transoriental, organizers of the Russia to China race said.

Philippe Tonin died Tuesday after he was hit by a truck of Russia's Team KamAZ while riding in Kazakhstan, the Transoriental said on its web site.

Tonin's death came a day after Xu Lang, the official Chinese driver of Team Zhengzhou Nissan, was fatally injured in an accident in Orenburg after stopping to help another vehicle that had gotten stuck. A towing cable broke and hit him in the face, and he died Tuesday after being rushed by helicopter to an Orenburg hospital, organizers said in a statement.

RIA-Novosti cited a Team KamAZ official as saying the accident that killed Tonin occurred after the truck signaled to pass the motorcyclist, who did not react. The KamAZ team then tried to pass Tonin on a pathway to the right, but the truck hit Tonin after he also veered right, the official said.