Designer Coffeehouse

MTLavka Artemia Lebedeva is the design guru's first foray into cafes.
Design guru Artemy Lebedev has certainly branched out with his latest creation -- a diminutive cafe on Bolshaya Nikitskaya called Lavka Artemia Lebedeva. The cafe reflects Lebedev's talent in its interior design, with a fantastic collection of designer knickknacks on display. In the basement is a store where these bits and bobs are available for purchase. A large cork board is covered in post-it notes with various witticisms written on them -- the overall feel is as if you where sitting in Lebedev's own design studio, albeit a cozy one.

The cafe offers a fairly simple menu at reasonable prices. Salads include a plain vegetable salad (110 rubles), Greek (110 rubles), salmon (130 rubles), olivye (110 rubles) and Caesar (130 rubles), as well as bull's heart tomatoes with red onion and basil (150 rubles).

Chalkboard specials include dishes such as pork with grilled vegetables (210 rubles) and blini with various toppings such as jam, sweetened condensed milk and sour cream (150 rubles). But Lavka Artemia Lebedeva is more a coffee-and-cake kind of place. Espressos and ristrettos cost 70 rubles, double espressos are 110 rubles, cappucinos cost 160 rubles, while a megacino sells for 190 rubles. Teas start from 130 rubles. There is a large selection of pastries and baked goods to choose from in a glass cabinet. Apple pies cost 60 rubles, various cakes start from 60 rubles, and cookies cost 35 rubles. Ice cream sells for 50 rubles a scoop.

Lavka Artemia Lebedeva: 35 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Ul., 203-2635, 10 a.m.-10 p.m., M. Arbatskaya.