Steakhouse Surprise

MTDanny's has established itself at the former location of Grande Bouffe.
It was only late last year when, with great fanfare and much news coverage, Grande Bouffe opened with its celebrity chef Stalik Khankishiyev, backed by restaurateurs Dmitry Borisov and Dmitry Yampolsky of Jean-Jacques, Apshu and Mayak fame. Despite this dream team, it seems that the hip Uzbek restaurant's ambitions didn't pan out, because it has already closed and been replaced by Danny's Steakhouse.

The interior hasn't radically changed, there has basically just been a bit of tinkering around the edges -- lampshades changed and cushions replaced. The general atmosphere remains pleasant, and there are enough dark corners so that diners having a clandestine rendezvous would feel comfortable.

The menu features, naturally enough, a large selection of steaks -- all using Australian beef. There are all the classics, such as rib-eye steak (1,300 rubles), New York pepper steak (1,400 rubles) and a Texas T-bone steak (1,400 rubles). Other steakhouse favorites include a blue cheeseburger (590 rubles), chili chicken fillet (800 rubles), and a pork chop referred to as "The Chop" (1,400 rubles). Seafood dishes include seared salmon steak (950 rubles) and a Chinese "cart-style" sea bass (1,200 rubles).

For those who are coming for more than just a steak, there are salads, such as Caesar (plain -- 380 rubles, chicken -- 490 rubles, prawn -- 550 rubles), or a steakhouse beef salad with Bulgarian pepper, cucumber and onion (450 rubles).

In a town with very little Cajun cuisine, it's nice to see that there is a Cajun carpaccio seared beef tenderloin with sweet potato and roasted red peppers.

Wine by the glass starts from 200 rubles, and draft beer starts at 160 rubles a half-liter for Staropramen.

Danny's Steakhouse: 13 Vasilyevskaya Ul., 250-8955, noon-last guest, M. Belorusskaya.