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Zholtoye More
Upmarket Japanese restaurant Zholtoye More, in conjunction with the Moscow House of Photography, is holding an exhibition by photographer Vladimir Mishukov titled "Zolotaya Likhoradka," or Gold Fever. Taking place as part of the Moscow House of Photography's "Fashion and Style in Photography" festival, 20 works are on display with each piece featuring a celebrity surrounded in some way by gold. Among the stars depicted are author Oksana Robski, decked out as a golden boxer in a golden ring (pictured), musician Ilya Lagutenko on a gold divan, girl group Fabrika in a golden cage, and many more. The exhibition is planned to continue until at least the end of May.
Zholtoye More, 27 Ul. Bolshaya Polyanka, 953-9634/54, M. Polyanka.

RP-Com has announced a sweeping new range of summer seasonal specials at three of its restaurant chains.

The democratic Filimonova i Yankel fish-house restaurants have unveiled a special summer seasonal menu. The selection of new dishes is available until Sept. 15 and includes such options as salmon shashlik (640 rubles), sea bass ceviche (410 rubles) and a summer yogurt soup (340 rubles). To quench hot summer thirst, the chain has also introduced a new range of cocktails such as two non-alcoholic mojitos, one with strawberries (250 rubles) and with red currants (270 rubles), and a Summer Time cocktail with coconut liquor, Grand Marnier, strawberry syrup and orange juice (250 rubles).

Until Aug. 31, Filimonova i Yankel's carnivorous cousin, the Goodman Steakhouse chain, is presenting as its main summertime star an 800-gram T-bone streak for 2,600 rubles. In supporting roles are cold okroshka soup with filet mignon (350 rubles), and butter-fried asparagus and green beans with rosemary and garlic (290 rubles). To wash it all down, new beverages include Goodman sangria (280 rubles), Australian punch with coconut liqueur, Grand Marnier, strawberry syrup, orange juice and gassed mineral water (250 rubles) and a vanilla frappuccino (160 rubles).

Finally, until Aug. 31 the beer restaurant chain Kolbasoff is serving new dishes including its own house special okroshka (190 rubles), a cold pear puree soup (250 rubles), fresh lime lemonade (120 rubles) and an intriguing beer mojito, with lime, mint, sugar syrup and Kolbasoff light beer (180 rubles).
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