Court Sentences Market Bombers

The Moscow City Court on Thursday handed down life sentences to four people convicted of staging a 2006 bombing at Moscow's bustling Cherkizovsky market that killed 14.

Four others received prison sentences ranging from two to 20 years. The court ruled earlier this month that the attack was motivated by hate for natives of the Caucasus and Asian countries.

The Moscow court on Thursday gave life sentences to Nikolai Korolev, Oleg Kostyrev, Sergei Klimuk and Ilya Tikhomirov, Interfax reported. Tikhomirov also was sentenced to undergo psychiatric treatment.

A fifth defendant, Nikita Senyukov, also convicted of killing an Armenian teenager in the Moscow metro, got 13 years in prison. Valery Zhukovtsov was sentenced to 20 years, while Nikolai Kachalov and Dmitry Fedosenkov got two years each.