Extra Rounds at Litrbol

Litrbol Offers A Sports Theme, A Relaxed Atmosphere And Cheap Beer.Litrbol offers a sports theme, a relaxed atmosphere and cheap beer.
The only sport you're a master of is literball," or so goes the old joke. But it seems that this old joke may have a new lease on life at the recently opened Litrbol where a liter mug of the house beer sells for just 130 rubles.

Located on the up-and-coming Ploshchad Ilicha, the bar and grill shares the square with like-minded neighbors including the vodka-focused Sukhoi Zakon Ryumochnaya and beer-taps-at-the-table Pyatok, which offers both inexpensive eats and drinks with a casual vibe. Litrbol distinguishes itself from Pyatok and Sukhoi Zakon with a sports theme. There are pieces of sporting equipment hanging around the walls as well as other sports paraphernalia. Numerous chalkboards list various drink specials, such as pina coladas for 210 rubles and mojitos for 250 rubles. Much of the seating is in red, diner-like booths, which also adds to the sports bar feel.

The menu also offers classic sports-bar fare. There are BBQ chicken wings (240 rubles), pork ribs (310 rubles), calamari rings (190 rubles), boiled prawns (320 rubles) and a dish referred to as a "heap of fries" (120 rubles). Salads include Caesar (250 rubles) and Greek (210 rubles) plus two warm salads (mushroom -- 280 rubles, chicken liver -- 250 rubles). More substantial dishes include pig knuckle (380 rubles), chicken fillet (370 rubles) and a grilled beef steak (480 rubles).

Besides the aforementioned Literbol beer, a half-liter of which cost 70 rubles, there is also Fosters and Carlsberg (both 110 rubles a half-liter), Krusovice (170 rubles a half-liter) and Blanche de Brussels (180 rubles a half-liter).

Litrbol, 40 Zolotorozhsky Val Ul., 678-6281, 24 hours, M. Ploshchad Ilicha.