Ask the Chef

Andrei Petrusevich is head chef at Tsvet Nochi restaurant.

Best dish
"Osso buco with vegetables."

Most popular dish in your restaurant
"Home-style kotlety [gound meat patties]."

Favorite food

Favorite (other) restaurant in Moscow

Favorite (other) restaurant worldwide

Strangest dish you've tried
"Oxtail soup."

Is your cuisine authentic or adapted?
"Adapted, understandable for the consumer."

Comment on the state of the Moscow restaurant business
"It is developing."

Most important or surprising thing you have learned in your profession
"Diversity of the world of flavor."


27 Ul. Petrovka, 937-4544, M. Chekhovskaya.

Tsvet Nochi,
12 Bolshoi Kozikhinsky Per., 291-1881, M. Pushkinskaya,