Latvian Police Dismiss Report That Rozhetskin Found Dead

Latvian police on Wednesday denied media speculation that a body likely belonging to missing businessman Leonid Rozhetskin had been found near Riga.

"We have no trace of Mr. Rozhetskin and no evidence of whether he is dead or alive," Ieva Reksna, Latvian national police spokeswoman, said by telephone.

Kommersant reported Wednesday that a vacationer had found human remains in a wooded area between Riga and the nearby seaside resort of Jurmala that might be Rozhetskin's.

Body parts dug up by the vacationer's dog were from a man aged 40 to 45 who died of head injuries about a month ago, the newspaper reported, citing unidentified Latvian police officials.

The 41-year-old Russian-born American businessman disappeared from his $2 million villa in Jurmala in March. Police have established that blood found at the home was Rozhetskin's.

But Reksna said there were no unidentified bodies that matched that description anywhere in Latvia. "I do not know where the paper got its information," she said.

Police have identified two suspects, Reksna said, adding that one had been arrested and the other was under observation. Latvian police have identified Rozhetskin's Latvian housekeeper, Anatoly Demchenkov, as the suspect under arrest.

Reksna said the arrested suspect, whom she refused to identify, was conditionally released and remains under police supervision.

Police are still investigating the possibility that Rozhetskin was murdered in connection with his private life, or that he is in hiding. "It might have been a simulation of death," Reksna said.

Rozhetskin, a Harvard-educated lawyer and financier, made headlines in a long-running dispute over a stake in mobile phone operator MegaFon.